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A rough guide to the content of the DSG website, this is perhaps the most boring page on the site; but hopefully you might find it helpful! There's some guidance on where to find what you're after, followed by a quick summary of the site's main pages. You can get to the main pages by following the links on this page, or the buttons at the top and bottom of each page; you could also try the search facility, though at the moment it doesn't search the members' pages.

What are you looking for on the site?

I'd like to find out about the DSG cars.

For a brief overview, take a look at the 'cars' page. If you're after more detailed information, once we've added them you could view the specifications of the cars, or read articles and histories of the various models.

I'd like to find out what the club does.

There's a quick summary on the 'club' page; if you have a look around the whole site it'll give you an idea what we're about, and you could take a look at the forums. If you need more information there's a contact form and email addresses on the 'contacts' page, as well as a downloadable form, postal address and phone number. You could also pop along to see us at a show; full listings of forthcoming shows on the 'events' page.

I'd like to join the DSG.

Membership information is available on both the 'club' and 'contacts' pages. We're sorry that we can't take membership applications over the net yet, but there's a contact form, downloadable membership form and email address on the 'contacts' page, along with a phone number and postal address.

I'm looking for spare parts for my car.

You need the club Spares Scheme, although (for legal reasons) you have to be a member of the club for us to supply you. There's information about the scheme on the Snoot Sales page, or - if you're a member - you can take a look at the spares forum. You can also get hold of us via the 'contacts'page.

I'm looking for technical information about my car.

Try the technical page, or if you're a member, have a look at - or ask a question on - the technical forums. You can also get hold of us or ask a general question via the 'contacts' page.

I'm trying to find out more about the history of my car.

If you're a member, you could take a look at the vehicle registers, or email the club registrar. If you know some history we haven't got, let the Registrar know or post what you know on the vehicle registry forums.

Where can I see the cars 'in the flesh'?

Take a look at our events page or the 'What's On' and 'Competition' forums - they're a pretty good guide to who will be where.

Can I see some photos of the DSG cars?

There are photos all round the site and on the forums; you could try the 'Cars' page for a look at each, or the galleries for a good selection of DSG and related cars.

A guide to the site's pages

  • The DSG Home page

    Not much to see here, but the hub round which the site is built, and the page to put in your bookmarks.

  • The Cars

    A few short paragraphs on each of the cars we've taken under our wing.

  • The Club

    About the DSG as a club - who we are and what we do; membership; our magazine, the Droop Snoot Noos; the vehicle registers; and how to get involved with the club.

    This page also includes links to the spares, technical and other pages, and email contacts for membership enquiries, the General Secretary, the DSN's editor, the club registrar and merchandise sales.

  • Features

    A collection of feature articles taken from the pages of the Droop Snoot Noos and elsewhere, on subjects from the origin of the Vauxhall Griffin to Opel's 1920s rocketry experiments.

  • Gallery

    Pretty self explanatory really - a selection of DSG and Snoot-related photos. Fairly small at the moment, but as the photos come in we hope it'll grow and grow.

  • Forum

    A page about the DSG discussion forum, describing what a forum is, how to register for, join and use it, where to get further information and so on. Links from this page will take you to the forum itself, to the forum policies and guidelines, and to the forum registration page.

  • Events

    Listings of current DSG events, ranging from the VBOA National at Billing to smaller events where perhaps there may only be a few of us. As well as the dates there's a short description and a link to the official website for each event. Other links from the events page will take you to the 'What's On?' forum and to reports from previous events.

  • Snoot Sales

    A guide to what's available from the DSG; the club spares scheme, merchandising and DSN back issues, as well as 'Snoot Sales', members' for sale and wanted ads both in Droop Snoot Noos and on the forum. This page also includes links to the Snoot Sales and Spares forums, and email contacts for merchandise sales, the DSN's editor and the DSG Webmaster.

  • Technical

    A brief rundown on the club's technical support scheme, with links to the technical forums; as we convert more archive information to formats we can print out and display on the website, you'll see more of it appear on this page.

  • Members

    The entry to the DSG members' area - you'll need your login and password to get in here - once it's up and running!

  • Contact

    Contact information for the DSG; on this page you'll find our postal address and a contact phone number, membership fees, a contact form for further information, links to email the membership secretary, the General Secretary, the DSN's editor, the club registrar and merchandise sales.

  • Links

    A collection of links to other websites of interest; personal and commercial sites on the HC series, T-car and others; links to recommended suppliers and Vauxhall car clubs and sources of information; and general motoring sites, forums and other places of interest. Note - we don't have control over any of these sites, and the addresses are provided for information only.

  • Search

    Google-based search facility for the forums and website.

  • Site map

    You already know what's on this page - you're here!

  • Policies

    The small print! Policies and guidelines for use of this website and the DSG forums. Contains links to our forum partner's terms and conditions, and an email link to the DSG Webmaster.

  • About this site

    Everything you never wanted to know about the construction and use of this splendid site.