Droop Snoot Group

HPF - Firenza - Magnum - Sportshatch - HS - HSR

DSG Merchandise

We've got a range of merchandise available, ranging from DSG clothing to replicas of DTV and Blydenstein decals, books including Gerry Marshall and Jeremy Walton's 'Only Here for the Beer', DSG produced videos on servicing the HC range and the Chevette HS, and Vauxhall and DTV publicity videos such as 'Man Against Man', the story of the 1981 Manx International rally, 'Scotch on the Rocks', DTV's experience of the Scottish rally, Pentti Airikkala's first year with the Chevette HS, Gerry Marshall in Baby Bertha and the DTV Group 1 Magnum, and more.

Again, you can get details of all these from the club's Merchandise secretary through the club contact address or via the forums.

Snoot Sales

Looking for a car, or parts for one? Trying to sell a car, particularly a Droopsnoot, Sportshatch, HS or HSR? Try the DSG first! Advertising in our quarterly magazine, Droop Snoot Noos, is free to private sellers, whether club members or not; if you don't want to wait 'till the next issue, try advertising in the 'Snoot Sales' section of the DSG forums, where your advert will go immediately in front of the people most likely to buy your car.

If you're a trade advertiser interested in selling to the DSG audience, please contact the Droop Snoot Noos editor or DSG webmaster to talk further.