Droop Snoot Group

HPF - Firenza - Magnum - Sportshatch - HS - HSR

'What have I let myself in for?'

Who are the Droop Snoot Group?

We're a bunch of petrolheads, really; here to preserve, promote and enjoy Vauxhall's ultra-rare, rear drive '70s performance cars, the Droopsnoot Firenza, the Sportshatch, and the Chevette HS and HSR homologation specials.

Although our main focus is on these cars, that doesn't mean we're 'Droopsnoot only'. We're home to the Droopsnoot's 'Slant Four' brothers, the flat front Firenza, Magnum, Viva and GT, and a host of modified, race and rally cars; members also run many other DSG-related cars, including pushrod engined Chevettes and Vivas.

Thanks to Bill Blydenstein, Chris Coburn and Dealer Team Vauxhall the cars have a rich and successful motorsport history; club members own and use many well-known competition cars, whether home-built and developed or ex-DTV and semi-works cars such as Old Nail and Sandblaster, 'Plastic Fantastic', Tony Davies' Transpeed Firenza and others.

In short - if you own, drive, compete in, repair, restore, maintain, need information about, long for, covet or just love any of these cars, join the DSG!

What do we do?

To quote a member, we're here to have fun! The DSG is about enjoying the cars, whether you like static shows, track days, motorsport or just driving. We attend a number of car shows each year, and have club stands at the larger ones, including the VBOA National at Billing; we participate in motorsport shows and track days such as Classic and Sportscar and RallyDay at Castle Coombe, and members compete in circuit racing, rallying, hillclimbs and sprints.

There's a lot of technical expertise in the DSG, on tap through the club's technical representative - and (hopefully) increasingly through this website as we develop it. As well as original Vauxhall, Coburn, DTV and Blydenstein knowledge, we've developed a number of improvements in-house, particularly for the more temperamental cars (HS owners take note...!).


The DSG has its own high quality 24 page magazine, the Droop Snoot Noos, professionally produced and featuring technical articles, features, show reports, motorsport, adverts, news and more; distributed quarterly free to members.

Back issues of the magazine are available right back to issue 1, though we may have to make copies of some; if you need that vital technical article, snippet of information, or photo of your car, give us a shout.


Fancy a snappy new fleece or T shirt? DSG key ring or licence holder? Replica DTV Griffin or Blydenstein Power stickers for the rally car? As well as our own high quality DSG clothing and merchandise we've reproduced many historic DTV and Vauxhall material, including DTV videos such as 'Scotch on the Rocks', Pentti's first year with the Chevette HS, 'Man against Man' (the story of the 1981 Manx Rally), saloon car racing with Gerry Marshall and Baby Bertha, and books like 'Only Here for the Beer', Gerry Marshall's biography.


We try to keep track of the history of all the cars the club represents, and maintain registers with all the details needed to prove authenticity and provide a record of builds, modifications and history. We've expanded this to the DSG Forum, where we're building up details of the history of all the cars. For more information, email the club Registrar or see the DSG registers; though we should point out that for privacy and security reasons, the registers are only open to DSG members.


DSG membership runs from April 1 of one year to March 31 the following year. The subscription is £30 per year; follow the links on the right for the contact address or to email our membership secretary.

Whether you own, drive, race, rally, restore, repair or maintain any of the cars we'd love to hear from you; contact us via the links to the right.

Taking part

If you want to get more involved, contributions are welcome from all members (...and non-members...), from a letter or article in the Droop Snoot Noos or on the website to organising events at local or national level, or helping to run and develop the club as a committee member.

Items for the DSN or website are always welcome; we may have to edit your article for space or other reasons, but if we need to we'll give you final approval before publishing.

The day to day goings on in the DSG are managed by a national committee, elected annually at our AGM in the spring. The committee are helped by a network of area reps, who act as a contact point for members in their region and provide invaluable assistance with the events programme. New blood is always welcome, so if you fancy getting involved or helping with running the club (or think you can do better than us!) contact the General Secretary.