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Still early days, but as things develop here there will be a selection of articles, features and comment from the pages of the Droop Snoot Noos and elsewhere, which will be added to from time to time as worthwhile material appears.

What might have been...

Photo of SVS 666R

Back in the late '70s, the Police tried both the Chevette HS and its rival, the Lotus Sunbeam, as possible traffic cars. This is a short tale of Yorkshire Police's findings on the HS.

Big, Baby and Mega Bertha - a brief history!

Baby Bertha in race action

DTV's successful Group 5 Vivas led them on to involvement in Special Saloons, then Super Saloons - a 1970s silhouette formula that produced some of the wildest race cars that ever burnt rubber, such as a V8 Aston engined Magnum, an Imp with a Chevron B8 chassis, the DFVW, a VW Type 3 with an F1 Cosworth DFV engine and more. This is a quick look at Shepreth's contribution.

RAK 2 - Opel's contribution to the Space Race

RAK 2 thrills the crowds at the Avusring

In 2006 the 'Prototypes' display at the VBOA National featured the replica Opel rocket car, RAK 2. The replica was built by Opel apprentices to commemorate the firm's involvement in the pioneering days of rocketry in 1920s Germany, when 'Rocket Fritz' von Opel took part in the early experiments in rocket propulsion; experiments that were directly aimed at manned space flight and led, 40 years later, to Neil Armstrong's 'one small step'.

A Griffin's Tale - or Tail?

Vauxhall Griffin Logo

The first Lindsay penned article to feature in a DSN was, would you believe, not by Edmund or Mario, but Denise, who beat her husband to it by one page! It's been repeated a couple of times in different forms, but here's the story of the Vauxhall Griffin (nearly) as originally written, from DSN 2.