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A selection of links to a variety of useful and (hopefully!) interesting websites. To save you scrolling through the page, you can jump to the section you're interested in by clicking on the titles below.

You can find many more links to pictures, videos and information on the Firenza, Magnum and Chevette on our forums - just follow the link on the right. If you spot any other interesting sites, let us know! Email the DSG webmaster using the link on the right, or post the link on the forum.

Vauxhall and other car clubs

The Vauxhall-Bedford-Opel Association

The VBOA website

Governing body and umbrella organisation for the many clubs representing GM's European product; club links, galleries, event listings and reports, historical articles and price guides for most of the major Vauxhall classics on this nicely laid out website.

The Chevette Owners' Group

COG website screenshot

Club for owners and enthusiasts of all Chevette variants

Just Opel Vauxhall

Just Opel Vauxhall's website

One of the newest clubs to the VBOA fold, mainly internet based but with a busy events programme and a fast growing membership.

The Viva Owners' Club

The Viva Owners' Club website

Site for the long-established Viva club, with all the usual facilities and an active discussion forum.

Forums, photo galleries and other Internet resources

The Chevette photo gallery

Chevettes.com's home page

What started as the slightly mad idea of a Chevette photo gallery now probably has the biggest collection of T-car photo on the net, with hundreds of photos of Chevettes, Kadetts, Holden Geminis and Pontiac Acadians, links and an active and friendly discussion forum.

Owners' and enthusiasts' personal websites

Mike Edwards' Firenza site

Screenshot of Firenza.net

Site run by club member and HPF and Sportshatch owner Mike Edwards, with car history and information, show reports, stuff for sale, technical tips and more.

Graham Cox's HPF page

Graham Cox's Firenza page

Erstwhile Droop Snoot Noos editor Graham Cox's page about the HP Firenza, and specifically his old one, GKD 797N. Plenty of historical and personal notes on a page that obviously takes its styling from the HPF's colour scheme.

Graham Cox's Flickr album

Screenshot of Graham's flickr album

Graham Cox's Flickr photo album.

Firenza LIA 828

Page about LIA 828

Brief notes, with some good photos, about the original LIA 828, from a guy who used to own it in the late '70s to early '80s - including a couple of comments from Drew Hull.

Tib's World

Tibor's Firenza page

Personal web page of a Firenza owner with a rather unusual looking 'droopsnoot' - and photos of Edmund's Firenza!

Vauxhall Mania

Vauxhall mania webpage screenshot

Katharine Manton's personal web page - '...a purely personal site devoted to a particular obsession...', with links and information on her and other Vauxhall cars and Billing in the late '90s!

RAK 1 discovered?

AutoBild article on RAK 1

If my basic German (and Google's translation tools) are right, this article from German magazine Auto Bild is about the discovery, after decades in a garden shed, of a vehicle which is not only an early Opel but the original RAK 1 rocket car. After a 15 year restoration the car's been returned to the sporting two-seater spec it was discovered in.

Even if you don't read German, there's some great photos not only of the original RAK 1 and RAK 2, but the car as found and the beautifully restored result.

The Gregor Marshall site

Screenshot of Gregor Marshall's website

Gregor Marshall's personal site, with details of his Snoot, his racing adventures, photo gallery, his father, Gerry Marshall, the TVR Tina and more.

Peter Brock - the Ultimate Resource

the Peter Brock website

Sprawling website about Australian racer Peter Brock, in many ways the Antipodean equivalent of Gerry Marshall.

Jonkka's World Rally Archive

Jonkka's World Rally Archive screenshot

Ambitious personal website with entry lists, results, itineraries, stage results and points tables for pretty much every WRC / FIA Cup event from 1973, plus who's who, links, teams, stats and the rest. A brilliant resource for anyone researching past events, drivers or teams, or wanting to answer trivia quiz questions!

KP Rallyteam's Race and Rally Pictures

KPRT Picture site screenshot

Finnish rally photo gallery, grouped by event. Mostly Finnish events from Nationals to the 1000 Lakes (Jyvaskylan Suurajot), but includes some old RAC rally shots.

Poke around and find the ex-DTV cars!

Red Victor 1 Racing

Red Victor website

Home of Andy Frost's Red Victor, a street legal, 9.3 litre, 2000bhp twin turbo FD, with team history, Andy's blog, forthcoming events, vehicle specs and contacts to drag racing sites and the team sponsors.

Overseas websites and Vauxhall clubs

The Swedish Vauxhall Register

Swedish Vauxhall register website

Massive site with some great photos and content; unfortunately much is in Swedish, but well worth a look anyway.

Vauxhall in Norway

Norwegian Vauxhall screenshot

Norwegian Vauxhall fan's site - great if you understand Norwegian, some good photos if you don't!

Reference and encyclopedia material

Wikipedia on the Magnum

Wikipedia's Magnum page

The ambitious encyclopedia project's page on the Magnum, featuring a nice moody Sportshatch photo. Don't agree with the article, or see things wrong? Think the article could do with more? Wikipedia's collaborative - you can add or modify it yourself...

Wikipedia on the Chevette

Wikipedia's Chevette page

The online encyclopedia strikes again, with a page on the Chevette.

Wikipedia on Pentti

Wikipedia's Pentti Airikkala page

Short encyclopedia page on longtime Vauxhall stager Pentti Airikkala.

Wikipedia on Vauxhall Motors

Wikipedia's Vauxhall site

...on Vauxhall themselves...

Gerry Marshall's Wikipedia page

Wikipedia's Gerry Marshall page

Fairly comprehensive online encyclopedia page on Gerry Marshall, with detail on his early and later career.

MSN's top ten fast Vauxhalls

MSN's top ten page

One of MSN's many top ten lists, featuring - among all the stuff with the driveshafts at the wrong end - the Manta GT/E and the Chevette HSR.

Press and magazines

Total Vauxhall magazine

The Total Vauxhall website

Mag for all things Vauxhall, VBOA partners and staunch DSG supporters - among all the 10" tailpipes, 'slamm'd and camm'd' Corsas and cars full of sound system you'll frequently find articles on our favourite vehicles...