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The DSG forum

The DSG has a meeting place on the web; somewhere to chat, ask questions, discuss subjects technical and trivial, share a joke, get the latest news, sell, buy, and more.

If you're familiar with web forums, by all means follow this link to go straight there; but please read the forum policies before posting. If you're not familiar with web forums, or want more information, read on!

What is a forum?

A forum's a community - an extension of the DSG onto the internet. The website's good for getting information out there, but it's essentially static and pretty one-way; we put the information up, you look at it. A forum is much more like a chat at a show or at the pub, or a phone conversation; it's two way. It's not a substitute for conversation, and we wouldn't want it to be - but it does mean you can ask a question of or start a discussion with a wide variety of people at once, wherever they are and whenever they're available.

The forum's split into several sub-forums for different subjects; as well as general discussions there are DSG and forum announcements, sales and advertising, an events forum where you can discuss, suggest and make arrangements for upcoming shows, a motorsport forum, technical and historical discussions, vehicle histories and registers, and places to chat, moan, have a joke and more.

Some of these are open to all, some to DSG members only. You can go straight there and start reading, but if you want to start a new topic or reply to an existing one - or view the members' forums - you'll have to register with our partners, Tapatalk.

Registering for the DSG forum.

To register, follow the link; you'll reach a page that looks like this:

Screenshot of the Tapatalk sign in page

In the top right corner, you can see two buttons, one marked "Join", and the other marked "Login" - click on Join.

You can choose to join using your Facebook login information, your Google account, or using your own email address to create a new profile.

If you choose to create an account based on your email address, you'll see a form like this. You should fill in all the fields and click "Sign up with Email" to complete the process.

Screenshot of Tapatalk email registration page

Fill in the information required and click to continue; on the second page you'll finish registration and pick a user name. The user name will be shown next to each message you post; it can be a 'real world' name or nickname, whichever you like. Once you've registered, you'll be given a profile page where you can fill in any information about yourself you like - or none, if you don't want to; though we'd encourage putting a bit of blurb about yourself so everyone knows who they're talking to. Remember your profile is public, though; don't put sensitive personal information, such as your address, there.

This will give you basic access to the forum and allow you to read and respond to discussions in the public area. If you are a paid-up club member and would like access to the members-only sections, you need to send an email to the forum admin - there is a link in the forum index page.

Using the DSG Forum

Once you're at the main page of the forum you'll see all the subforums, grouped by subject - general, technical, registers, and so on. Click on the name of each subforum and it'll take you to a list of the current discussions in that forum.

Posting a new topic, and replying to existing ones, is pretty straightforward; click on the 'New Topic' or 'Reply' buttons and you'll get a edit box to type your reply into. You can also add photos or illustrations, make your text bigger, smaller, coloured and so on. If you just want to tap out a quick comment without bothering with all that, use the 'Quick Reply' box at the bottom.

If you need more information, there are 'sticky' topics - permanently pinned to the top of each forum - to tell you about that forum, and there is general information and frequently asked questions in the 'announcements' and 'help' sub-forums. If you've got any questions, post them in the 'forum help' section & we'll help as much as we can.

Members' Only forums

Some of the sub-forums are restricted to DSG members, mainly those that have information that might be misused if it was in the public domain. To view them you need to be a member of the DSG and registered with Tapatalk, and you have to apply for access to them.

When you first try to get into these forums, you'll see a page titled 'Apply for membership'. Type in a message letting us know who you are and your DSG membership number and submit it, and we'll get you in as soon as possible; although there may be a day or two's delay. You don't need to apply to every members' only forum separately; we'll get you in to all of them.