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The DSG Gallery

Hopefully the beginnings of a comprehensive photo gallery - from small acorns...

  • Droopsnoot and flat front Firenzas at Billing 2007
  • Thames TV Firenza and Chevette HSR at Billing 2006
  • Slant Four brothers - Bedford CF and Panther Lima
  • DTV Chevette dragster
  • the ex-Spike Wilson six headlight Magnum
  • Replica DTV Viva GT - the originals were written off at Lydden in 1971
  • Viva GT and Sports Hatch outside the Vauxhall heritage centre
  • Roger Kilty's Chevette HSR on the Trackrod Rally 2006
  • DSG line-up at the Chevettes.com National 2006
  • Silver Aero
  • Denis 'Bex' Bissell, Dave Wheatley and Gregor Marshall discuss the finer points of the DTV Firenza
  • The DSG 25th, Shelsley Walsh; Chevette HSRs, Droopsnoot and Magnum
  • WXE 939M, the prototype Sportshatch
  • Red and orange flat fronts and the DSG AGM 2007
  • Firenza Droopsnoot in sun and shade on a gravel drive
  • Old Nail, RAK 2 and the Opel Eco-Speedster at Billing in 2006
  • HSRs line up at Billing in 2006
  • Phil Moorcroft stands by a Chevette HS stuffed with camping gear
  • Tail ends of HSs in a row at Billing 2007
  • Thruxton Firenza VLF 954M at Billing 2007
  • Vauxhall Griffin based graphics on the DTV dragster
  • Ex works Chevette KFL 306W at Rallyday 2005
  • Terry Cobbold polishing his HSR before a show
  • Old Nail at the DSG 25th, Shelsley Walsh
  • Stephen Hemingway's HS and Tony Davies' Transpeed Firenza in the paddock at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb
  • Chevrolet Can Am 'Little Chev'
  • Black Magic
  • Blydenstein Power sticker

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